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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Birthday Party Ideas

What happens when your sister wants a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Birthday Party? You throw her one, of course! Complete with vampire killer stakes and plenty of bats! It’s Jessica’s Birthday! We always make birthdays a big deal around here! Even the most homemade/DIY party can be a blast and provide the BEST memories!! My […]

Mardi Gras Wedding Photographer

There are few things as uniquely southern as Mardi Gras in Louisiana. Starting after Epiphany and culminating with huge celebrations the day before Ash Wednesday, Mardi Gras is a way of life. It’s even a legal holiday here! Other states may try to copy, but we have our own unique spins that no one can […]

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Louisiana Bridal Photos

A southern tradition, Keslie chose to have her bridal photos taken on a private estate outside of Lafayette. Even the threat of another shutdown over the global pandemic couldn’t stop this Louisiana Bridal Session! Outdoors are perfect to be able to keep a distance and capture magical portraits. Southern Bridals There’s no right or wrong […]

This Sunny Meade Wedding was one for the ages! Perfect weather, perfect setting, perfect bride, and perfect groom! From first look to last dance, there was so much love and FUN in the air!! But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. The Story of Kylie + Blue She has one of those […]

A wedding fit for a princess! Kylin is the portrait of perfection and Jeremy is her perfect prince! Their St. Pius X Wedding in Lafayette with a reception at The Madison in Broussard was one for the ages. The perfect start to a perfect love story.

Surprise Proposal at Lake Martin Louisiana

As Kenneth left the jewelry store with the ring, we were the second phone call he made! He wanted to be sure that it would be ok for him to propose during our already scheduled Christmas photo session coming up. Brittany is a photographer herself, so Kenneth knows photos are important to her and wanted […]

An LSU engagement like no other — He proposed as she was walking across the Louisiana State University campus. He knew the path she took every day. They just so happened to meet up near the stadium — and she said YES under the Tiger Stadium lights! Louisiana State University The LSU campus will always […]

High School. You’re just breaking out of those weird, in-between middle school years and coming into your own skin. By the time you hit senior year, you think you can conquer the world — and you will!! You’ve made lifelong friends, learned new things that will carry you throughout life, and have become an all-around […]

You know the type — the couple that can communicate with just a glance from across the room. The couple that seems to have inside jokes about everything. The ones that everyone gravitates towards in a crowded room because they are just so magnetic — That’s Kylin and Jeremy! We have loved getting to know […]

Bridal Portraits in Lafayette Louisiana

As a Southern Tradition, Bridal Portraits are a staple. A canvas of the bride is displayed at the entrance to the reception area — and used to be gifted to the mother of the bride afterward (back when the matriarchs of the family had gallery walls with every school photo, dance photo, baseball photo, graduation […]