Warehouse 535 Wedding | Lafayette, LA | Lacey + Mike

This outdoor wedding during festival season in Lafayette Louisiana was one for the ages! The bride looked amazing and the look on the groom’s face when he saw her would melt icebergs. Warehouse 535 in Lafayette Louisiana provides the perfect backdrop to the perfect wedding!

The Story of Lacey + Mike

He’s a more laid back go with the flow type guy and she’s a planner. They are the life of the party even though they are elements to their relationship that they keep just to themselves. People seem to gravitate towards them — their personalities are magnetic!

Though they met in high school, it wasn’t until after a few years in college that they reconnected. Sometimes you just know when you meet the person you are meant to spend forever with (and sometimes it takes a while before the timing is right, even though you know.)

The Wedding and Reception Venue

In keeping with their mutual love for the outdoors, the wedding was an elegant outdoor ceremony at Warehouse 535 in Lafayette, Louisiana. Just a few minutes walk to Downtown — where Festival International was throwing a party just for Lacey and Mike. I mean, what better way to celebrate your anniversary every year than to spend time at Festival!!

Walked down the aisle by her Uncle and Grandfather, two very important people in her life, Lacey was the picture of perfection! At that moment, for Mike, it was only Lacey that existed in the world.

After the ceremony, we took a moment with just the two of them for their couples portraits — and mainly for them to have a moment alone! We tend to not intrude during this time, and capture it as it unfolds! The party continued inside the Warehouse where everyone danced the night away (complete with cake, of course). Lacey and Mike walked into forever, hand in hand, with a shower of glowsticks!

Warehouse 535 Wedding Photos

Flower Wedding Cake Topper and antique window wedding information for outdoor wedding
Bride and Bridesmaids pose for candid selfie together at Warehouse 535 Bridal Suite
Bride with Bridesmaids and Groom with Groomsmen inside Warehouse 535
Wedding Flower Bouquets
Bride waits her turn to walk down the aisle inside Wareshouse 535
Groom escorts his mother down the aisle at outdoor wedding at Warehouse 535
Groom awaits his Bride Warehouse 535 Wedding
Bride walks down the aisle escorted by Uncle and Grandfather at Warehouse 535
Outdoor Wedding at Warehouse 535 Lafayette Louisiana
Outdoor Warehouse 535 Wedding Photographers in Lafayette la
Wedding Vows Bride smiling
Just Married | Jayme and Brandon Photography
Wedding Party photos outdoors at Warehouse 535
Photographers in Lafayette LA Bride and Groom Portraits
Couples Portraits on the Wedding Day
jaymeandbrandon.com Jayme and Brandon Photography Wedding Photographers
Teardrop Engagement ring Alternative Unique Wedding Rings
First Dance with LOVE sign at Warehouse 535
Warehouse 535 indoor reception
Candid Wedding Photos
Bride dancing on her wedding day
Fun wedding Reception
fun Father daughter dance at wedding
Wedding Toast
Fun wedding photographers Warehouse 535 Wedding
Documentary Wedding Photographers Warehouse 535
Wedding Cake Cutting
Wedding Kiss
Bouquet toss Southern Tradition
Documentary Photographers in Lafayette La
Unique wedding exit with glowsticks on porch of Warehouse 535

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