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Alexis is married! Now I can share her UL Alumni Center bridal photos with the world! We started off at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana for a few photos on the steps of the Cathedral, and then off we went to the UL Alumni Center! We love when locations are personal to the couple. There may be a meaning, a connection, a story, or the way it looks may remind them of something.


When is a shoe not just a shoe? Sometimes it’s the little things that bring up memories. Good and bad. That you remember for ages. Put a smile on your face. Tears down your cheeks. Nostalgia.

It can be a smell — like the perfume your grandmother always wore. Burning leaves in the fall. The beach.

A song — the one your dad always sang as loud as he could. The one your grandmother sang you to sleep. The first dance at your wedding.

It can even be something so simple as a shoe.

She was known for her green converse. “Oh yeah, the girl with the green shoes!”. They were with her through high school — she even included them in her senior photos. They were with her through college. She refused to let them go. She still has them, but now has added another pair of shoes.

The shoes of a bride.

A wife.

May your shoes always bring you joy, new experiences, deeper love. But always remember the green shoes.

And always hold hands.

UL Alumni Center Bridal Photos

Alexis chose the Cathedral in downtown Lafayette to start her session because that’s where she and Stephen were getting married! St. John’s Cathedral holds a special place in her heart — so why not include it in her wedding festivities?! She is also a University of Louisiana at Lafayette alumnus, so of course, she had to have UL Alumni Center bridal photos. We knew we had to incorporate the gorgeousness of each location and infuse it with her style (and our eye for epic-ness!).

St Johns Cathedral Lafayette LA Wedding Photo

Bridal Photo at UL Art Museum Fountain

Green Converse Bride

UL Alumni Center bridal photo

UL Alumni Center Photos with Oak Trees

Fun Bridal Photo Session Lafayette LA

UL Art Museum Bridal Photo

Indoor Bridal Photos UL Alumni Center






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