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Family. Friends. A chance meeting late one night in Lafayette. Hundreds of miles couldn’t keep these two from each other! Surrounded by the same family and friends, (and more that were gained along the way) they celebrated under the lights at The Madison Broussard what they knew at that first meeting. That head-over-heels-feet-first-all-in kind of love. A love for the ages.

The Story of Kelli + Jordan

We know it starts with a chance meeting. Or maybe it wasn’t just by chance. He was on leave, she was out with friends. With mutual friends in common – they happened across each other. And in that moment, everything aligned. They knew. Hundreds of miles couldn’t keep them apart.

After thinking an engagement was coming (while discussing their dinner date plans at Jacques-Imos in New Orleans with her friends), she threw his plans off. He planned to “forget” his phone and need to go out to the car for it – where he would grab the ring – but she saw his phone and made sure he didn’t forget it! Because she was expecting it, and his plans were stifled, she was a little miffed. With the original plans out the window, they went for ice cream after their dinner. As the city hurried on around them, for just that moment it was only the two of them as he distracted her while getting out the ring. Usually, they are unable to keep secrets from each other and this was a big one! (Of course, she said yes!)

The Wedding and Reception Venues

Laughter filled the rooms of The Victorian where the girls readied for the day. Family. Friends. Memories being made. History being written. A few blocks down, everyone met up at Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Kelli and Jordan prepared for a first look. As she walked down the aisle to her groom waiting within the church pews, it was just the two of them. The world going on around them. But for that moment, it was just Kelli and Jordan. Bride and Groom. After a moment to themselves, we snapped a few photos and the families gathered for more photos.

After a heartfelt ceremony, complete with a harp player, everyone gathered at The Madison Broussard for the wedding reception. Friends and family danced the night away under the lights and DJ Aaron Lane kept the party going! Gorgeous cakes from Crystal Weddings topped off the dinner as everyone celebrated the newest Husband and Wife!

Kelli also had her bridal session at Avery Island and you can check those out here: Bridal Photos at Avery Island Jungle Gardens

The Madison Broussard Wedding Photos

The Victorian Broussard LA

Dress Buttons showing hands

Getting Ready at The Victorian Broussard LA

Bride and Flower Girl Moment

Awesome Groomsmen Photos

First Look by Jayme and Brandon Photography

Bride and Groom First Look Photos


Bride and Her Father Walking Down the Aisle

Sacred Heart of Jesus Church Lafayette LA

Sunflower Bouquets and Boutineers

Church Ceremony Photos

Large Wedding Party Photos


Wedding Rings with Keys as Favors


First Dance Photos

Creative Grooms Cake

Wedding Reception Toast Photo

Madison Broussard Wedding Reception

Romantic Wedding Reception Moments

Wedding Reception Dancing

Fun Group Photo Wedding Reception


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